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Switch cabinet 200 m3/h



Since 1st of April 2015 we will start to sell our newest product: Reducer panel for cylinder supply with capacity of 200 m3/h.

It is meant to reduce high pressure from cylinders with max filling pressure of 200 bars to working pressure of 5 bar.

It is fully automated switch cabinet, meant to work in three modes:

Mode 1: Liquid gas tank (reducer panel for tank supply is to buy separately) + 2 banks of cylinders

In this mode liquid gas is the main source of gas and cylinders are the backup. Reducer panel PNEUMAT is the main gas control center.

Mode 2: 2 banks of cylinders + 1 reserve bank  

Standard type of cylinder supply with each source coming to work automatically.

Mode 3: 2 cylinder banks 

In this mode PNEUMAT is controlling 2 sources of supply.