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Cylinder supply system „PNEUMAT”








Reducer panel for cylinder supply. 

Made according to EN ISO 7396-1:2016

Practical and elegant sullution for central gas supply. Available in very small and very large capacities, for every type of healthcare faciltity, small or big, private or public.

Basic parameters:

  • compact construction
  • full control of gas supply:
    - alarms from each side if cylinders are empty
    - alarms about drops and rises of network pressure
    - alarms about third source empty / compressor failure etc.
  • fully automated changeover system
  • available capacities 15 m3/h, 30 m3/h, 50 m3/h and 200 m3/h
  • gases: Oxygen, Compressed Air, Carbon Dioxide, Nitrous Oxide, Nitrogen, Argon